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“Location” factory and showroom
 : 15/4 Soi Phra Mae Karun 25, Ban Mai Subdistrict, Pak Kret District Nonthaburi Province

We build factory by a team of doctors, pharmacists and scientists specializing in cosmetic engineering. 

We selected skin care extracts extracted from nature and organic from many countries around the world to produce high quality products

Our manufacturing plant and modern technology with cleanroom laboratory, aseptic filling system.

This makes us become one of the leaders in cosmetic production that meets international standards.
(ASEAN GMP) from the Food and Drug Administration

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Our business

-Comprehensive cosmetic factory and distributes instant coffee, food supplements and all kinds of healthy beverages.

– Engages in the business of producing, cultivating, selling, importing, exporting hemp seed and hemp products

(In order to operate the business must be in accordance with the law related)

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registered capital
38 million on September 28, 2005

about company
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We have production worldwide standards

With research technology, formula development and production of innovative cosmetics,so that the product is in demand by the market and consumers

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Safety and harmless.

We selected high quality raw materials and extracts from around the world used in the production of cosmetics, food supplements with standard quality and safety.

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More than quality

We develop a quality system for manufacturing standards with specialized personnel using technology that always up-to-date. We do all of this in every product and every piece. We produce with quality control throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

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Honest and Sincere

We raise the level of service excellence to support business development with customers. Because customers are our family.

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vision 2

We will be a leading manufacturer and distributor of beauty products in the ASEAN region by focusing on integrated marketing services to meet the needs of the target customer group in terms of production, personnel and our experience, that has been around for a long time. We will ensures that we can carry out the production activities of this type of product with a good quality system according to international standards.


1. Maintain relevant quality management system standards 2. Develop innovations in skin care and dietary supplements 3. Expand the market to the ASEAN region

mission 2

"Our company has been in the beauty business for more than 20 years.”

Previously, the company was formerly known as Mintech Laboratory Co., Ltd. In 2019, the name was changed to TNK Beauty Company Limited.
Because the company has joined the joint venture with the business group TNK Holding.


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– We are a legitimate cosmetic factory.

– We are not classified as an industrial factory.
(Factory Act 2019) directly up to the municipality

– We have a building permit / building certification

– We have a license to dump water from the Marine Department.

– We have a business license that is harmful to health

– We passed the safety assessment from Pak Kret Municipality.

– We have a plan that has been reviewed by the FDA.

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