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Marketing is the most important thing in building a “Brand” because good marketing will allow us to create awareness, communication, acceptance and satisfaction in using the product, which has a huge impact on sales

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We are experts in both science and marketing, so we can apply these two theory accordingly to meet the market demands as well,

such as bringing new innovations or product strengths Come to work with 4Ps, 7Ps , packaging design to define brand identity, etc.

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TNK has many partners ready to help you in e-commerce, website creation, all design such as grphic, online marketers or digital marketing, contacting influencers,micro influencer, Youtuber, etc., and most importantly We can give advice on distribution channels, both online/offline to omni channel.

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We always understand that customers marketing is not difficult but getting it to succeed isn’t easy. Therefore, we are ready to give advice to customers in every aspect.
Because the success of our customers is our success to prosper together sustainably

“So marketing for us is not just planning sales. But we took marketing concept into every process since you started thinking about selling.”