Relax Air Spray

Relax Air Spray

A relaxing air freshener with
Organic Hemp Oil Extract and
“Natural” Active ingredients

Helps protect nervous breakdowns, relieve pain, help sleep, help relax. Reduce muscle spasms, inflammation, anti-cancer

Eucalyptus oil
Relieves sinus disease, reduces allergies and allergies, eliminates musty odors.It gives a fresh fragrance, improves the respiratory system, cures cold symptoms. Strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, relieve symptoms of shortness of breath. Relieves cough, sneezing, nasal congestion

Orange Oil
Evaporated oyster oil from orange peel with citrus aroma will make you feel relaxed. Reduces anxiety, helps to refresh, relieve muscle aches and pains. Stimulates blood circulation

Rosemary oil
Stimulates blood circulation, helps you to feel refreshed and concentrated, strengthens your memory. And relieves feelings of depression and fatigue.

Lavender oil
It stands out for relieving tension in the nervous system. It is more soothing and relieves headaches as well, and has a delicate scent. That will help deodorize. Effectively smells unpleasant