Moisturizer gel concentrated from natural extracts, has a light texture, absorbs quickly and does not make the skin slippery or greasy.

“From nature to the skin” reduces wrinkles and dullness. Revitalize, condition the skin and also protect the skin.

Key ingredient

Organic Aloe Vera Extract : Protect and restore dry and damaged skin. Reduce irritation burning from sunlight and contributes to reducing acne problems.

Organic Chamomile Flower Water: Extract from chamomile flowers. It is highly gentle, suitable for all skin types, protects the skin from pollution. Increase the strength of the skin cells, reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin and conditioning skin. Increase smoothness and reduce scarring.

Chelidonin : Extract from Greater Celandine, a plant native of Europe. Rich in Chelidonine substances that help reduce hair regrowth to make the hair look smaller.

Vitamin B5: Helps to form a shield for the skin to prevent moisture loss. Relieve allergic symptoms, reduce redness, and reduce inflammation of the skin. Heal wounds and accelerate the creation of new skin tissues.