CBD Capsule

Cannabidiol Extract Supplements (CBD Capsule)

1. Sleep easily and soundly throughout the night.
2. Helps to relax.
3. Increase the range of deep sleep for longer.
4. Wake up feeling refreshed and not fussy.
5. No side effects.

Cannabis spp. Extract

Cannabinoids have an effect on better sleep. Active substance in cannabis inflorescences Increased time for deep sleep, long sleep, and relaxation sleep, wake up without a headache.

Bitter Melon

It is beneficial for diabetic patients, helps with wound healing, helps balance the body, cool the body or reduce the fire element itself. It helps you fall asleep more easily.

Chamomile extract

In chamomile there is an effect. If used orally, it will cause calm and anxiety. Therefore, it helps with good sleep.

How to use: Eat. 1-2 capsules 1-2 hours before bedtime