Collagen Tripeptide with 7 Berry & Zinc

Collagen Tripeptide with 7 Berry & Zinc

Collagen Tripeptide with 7 Berry and Zinc


It is the most abundant protein in our body, accounting for one-third of the total protein throughout the body. Hair, nails, bones, joints, muscles, tendons and collagen can also be found in other parts of the body, such as blood vessels, cornea and teeth, etc.


7 Mix Berry

It includes antioxidants, anti-aging, anti-acne, reduces cholesterol and fat, makes the skin good and moisturizes.


Collagen Tripeptide

It helps the skin to be elastic, tensile and protects the body from harmful effects on deeper organs.



Boosts immunity. Accelerates wound healing, reduces the risk of aging diseases, helps treat acne, reduces inflammation.


How to use: Take 1 sachet in 150 ml of water.