Hemp Toothpaste

Hemp Toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste with the value and efficiency of hempseed oil extraction. Which hemp has properties that help to relieve
Inflammation, injury, pain, periodontitis, both gums and teeth, including mouth ulcers. When the extract was mixed in toothpaste
along with sodium fluoride and natural herbal ingredients, this formula is perfect to protect your mouth. In addition, this formula also helps to maintain the health of the gums and teeth to be healthy. Making your teeth white and clean naturally with fresh breath gives you more confidence.

Main ingredient

Hemp Seed Oil :  Help to relieve inflammation, injury, pain, periodontitis, both gums and teeth, including mouth ulcers.

KOI Extract : Contains tannins (Tannin). Help reduce inflammation of the gums and inhibit growth of oral microorganisms.

Guava Leaf Extract : Contains chlorophyll, which is outstanding at quenching bad breath.It also has the effect of reducing inflammation of the gums.

Licorice Extract : Has anti-inflammatory properties. Help take care of the gums and prevent tooth decay. It also helps to moisturize the mouth.

Clove oil: Has anti-inflammatory effects, helps relieve toothache. Solve scurvy and prevent bad breath.

Peppermint Oil: Has antibacterial properties. Maintain health for all oral health. Give the mouth fresh breath.

Camphor, Borneol and Menthol: Freshen breath and also helps reduce inflammation of the gums.

Sodium Fluoride : Is effective in preventing tooth decay.

Calcium Carbonate: Abrasive that removes food particles, stains and various limestone stains.