TNK Beauty factory has a modern mixing process.We can be produced in large quantities, enough to meet the needs of customers. There is flexibility in both small to large industrial scale. In accordance with the production standards that are accepted internationally; GMP standard is a confirmation that we control the production process as an important factor that affects quality and safety for consumers.

We have a many type of mixing processes including heat-cold process,dry processes with careful from water,even complex processes with multiple steps or a variety of ingredients.From that process,we can mix and control very well.

transparent plastic bottles filled with yellow substance 1

The filling process is also important. We can use automatic machines together with control by program to make the filling process fastest and accurate, both the filling quantity that must comply with the law and the speed of delivery.

For the labeling and packaging process, we also have an automated machine to support processing line, because in the production process there is often a delay (bottleneck) in the labeling and packaging process, so with our ability we can assure our customers of fast delivery.

In addition to the production process, we also consider the process of delivering products to customers as important.


From all of the above,we that we promise that to control every process. because we believe

"Good manufacturing process will produce good results.”